EAP’s are companies which provide short term support services directly to businesses and industry. They consist of professionals drawn from the fields of clinical and occupational psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, personnel and business management who bring knowledge and expertise gathered from their experience of working in private and public sector organisations. They promote their services to organisations which may be national or international, large, or medium sized and offer counselling as part of their portfolio. 


This arrangement takes the form of a four handed contract between the Client Organisation, the EAP, the employee/client and myself as a self employed counsellor. In reality it is a three cornered contract between the EAP organisation, the client/employee, and myself.


The Client Organisation pays the bills but has no part in the therapy process.


I have worked for EAP companies for about 20 years. During this time I have enjoyed seeing many clients with their 

many varied presentations, as well as the management of short term work within an EAP contract.